our Excellency the executive governor of Benue state, your Excellency the first lady of Benue state, your excellency the Deputy Governor of Benue State, Your Excellency the wife of the Deputy Governor of Benue State. All protocols duly observed.

Today we gather to celebrate the Nigerian child, we gather to celebrate the Benue child. Millions of children across the nation are celebrating Nigeria’s Children’s Day on the theme: “Good governance, impart on the Nigerian child” Providing quality governance for all children is a must, i feel particular attention to children is essential, not only for the development of the country, but to fulfil the right of every child. i join all Nigerian children in calling on policy makers, local authorities, religious and traditional leaders, school authorities, the media and all Nigerian parents to accelerate progress on educating the Benue child especially the girl child. I look forward to a Benue boy who is a man at age fifteen and a Benue girl who is a woman at age fifteen. Today this occasion is made possible by God the most high; I specially appreciate and everyone who worked towards birthing this occasion.

I seize this opportunity to congratulate the executive governor of Benue state on his re appointment as Governor of Benue state and specifically thank him for passing the child right law, and ensuring that the chain of immunization program is not broken and also the renovation of nursery and primary schools in the state which has gone a long way to enhance learning.

I also seize this opportunity to solicit that the child right law which you passed be implemented; the cases of child abuse within the state are on a daily increase. We hope that our child friendly Governor will take a second to look into this matter as it is of high importance. Children are important they are the bedrock of every virile society and should not be ignored.

To the Benue child, i wish you a happy day, have fun, read your books, and respect your parents, tutors, elders and yourself. I love you all

Thank you. God bless you and God bless Benue State.

By: Caleb Senda


About Caleb Senda

The clean Caleb Concepts is the fastest growing event management company sparking up from the Nigeria's north Central. We package, manage and market events, brands and products to our wide reach of audience
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