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Here is a list of those important things you should know when getting to know someone, you might not get to ask them directly, but still find a way to know all the answers to the 10 points listed below:

1. Are you married or do have a girlfriend/ boyfriend?

Any studdering, hesitation or giggling is a major red flag. “Are you single” is a very simple question that should have a very simple answer… I remember this man was trying to approach me, I asked him if he was single… first he giggled (nervous laughter) then he said “why you ask me that”? then he said “yes I’m single”, then he says “I have friends”, translation… “no I’m not single, I have a girl but I’m also a dog”. SMH!!! If a man/woman is single he/she will answer that question with a simple “YES” (with no pause), anything other…

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