Eugenics: The parents love create hate

“Eugenics is the study of or belief in the possibility of improving the qualities of the human species or a human population, especially by such means as discouraging reproduction by persons having genetic defects or presumed to have inheritable undesirable traits (negative eugenics)  or encouraging reproduction by persons presumed to have inheritable desirable traits (positive eugenics).”
Hitler tryed to create his ‘master race’ and is therefore ‘bad’ and ‘evil’, because Hitler was ‘bad’ and ‘evil’. I simply accepted this and every time the word ‘eugenics’ or ‘genetic modification’ or anything that had something to do with deliberately mixing genes of humans to create a superior outcome, I immediately rejected the idea and judged it as ‘evil’, never noticing that I had learned and copied this attitude towards eugenics from my teachers in school and, with me wanting to fit in and ‘be normal just like everybody else’, I simply accepted it as ‘the truth’ without ever even considering to investigate for myself what is really going on in this reality.
I also learned, through indulging in conspiracy theories and other ‘mystery phenomenon’ over the internet, that the ‘elite’ of this world actually specifically ‘keep the genes (quite like the money and the knowledge) in the family/circle’ so as to always produce children that will be genetically superior at survival in this world-system than the children in the ‘lower ranks’ of society. My first reaction when reading this was of course one of blame and judgment, blaming and judging the elite for being ‘nazi’s’ that will leave the rest of us to die and starve while they create their ‘master race’, they are ‘evil fuckers’. But what i did not see was the fear that I was actually experiencing within myself towards ‘the elite’, as the reason/origin of why I was judging the ‘elite’ in the first place – I experienced fear because deep within myself I actually knew that I was inferior to them, as my parents did NOT create me as my physical body and capacities/capabilities within the insight and knowledge of what the mixture of their genes will create as a physical program (which is in essence what the human physical body and this entire physical existence IS) – my parents created me out of ‘Love’, the apparent ‘highest purpose in/of life’.
Obviously my parents, just like every other couple in this world and especially african society, didn’t investigate or research on their genes and ask themselves the question of whether or not it would be a good idea to have children together, seeing how the physical condition of their children will be COMPLETELY and ENTIRELY dependent on the genetic material of both parents. They did not look at how their inner belief-systems, values, ideas and personalities mixed together would impact the mind of the child or ask themselves the question of whether or not this mixture would be what is best for the child, they did not even fully realize that the child will for the largest part become, physically and mentally, a complete copy of them as the parents and that there will thus be consequences that will play out in the life of the child as the result of their specific upbringing/creation, physically and mentally.
 Thus, the human will willfully remain dumb, and willfully create children that are dumb, in their physical and mental design – ‘dumb’ as opposed to how/what they could be if their parents had only PLANned, investigated and researched more as to the consequences of their ‘love’ that would play out in the life of their child. What is ‘love’ anyways? It is a feeling…. and that’s pretty much it. ‘Love’ as a feeling is what is currently in charge of the baby-making in this world – and it isn’t difficult to spot the results and consequences that are not as ‘beautiful’ and ‘magical’ as the ‘loving feeling’ that the parents experienced when making the child. 

Not only are children born deformed or in some way ‘less capable’ than what/how they could be, but in many cases, a child will have been created that was ‘not intended’, where the parents will not take up their parental responsibilities because they ‘don’t feel like raising a child’ as it was ‘not what they signed up for’ when they had allowed themselves to be swept away by a momentary experience of ‘passionate love’. Many children end up on the streets or in Foster care or Orphanages because they were rejected or abused by their parents, due to the ‘love’ that the parents felt for each other, but not for the product that they unintentionally created in this physical reality, which unfortunately does not bend to the irrational feelings and experiences of the mind.

Based on this feeling of ‘love’ that is so glorified by human beings, parents will NOT educate themselves properly on how to effectively raise a child, as they feel and believe that it is somehow ‘romantic’ to raise their child ‘on love’. Though could it be that we have put ‘love’ on a pedestal and have managed to find all sorts of excuses and reasons and justifications for why ‘love’ is apparently ‘all we need’ and ‘the only thing that is real’, in spite of the physical evidence that you CANNOT raise a child on ‘love’ as it actually needs food, clothes, shelter and warmth to live and grow, because we actually don’t want to face the fact that we are really quite ignorant and dumb in our understanding and insight of how reality works, functions and operates – so we would much rather turn to ethereal feelings and experiences that do not require any effort at all and believe that that is ‘superior’ to reality, than to realize/see/understand that reality is in fact a SYSTEM – the mind is a SYSTEM, the physical is a SYSTEM? A child does NOT raise itself, teach itself language or how to speak, walk, interpret, think or eat – this is all programmed into the child by the parents.

And thus it only makes sense that the ‘love’ of the parents, which is in essence simply a ‘lack of insight/understanding/awareness’, creates the ‘hate’ of the child – as the child will hate itself and its parents/environment because the child will realize that it is inferior in all ways to this physical world-system, because its environment simply didn’t bother to consider the REALITY of the physical existence of their child, as a mind and a body that is programmable, caught up in their ‘love bubble’ as they were and thus did not properly support or educate the child within what is best for the child in this world because they themselves were also but the product and result of the ignorance of their parents.

So, is eugenics ‘evil’? Based on the insights and realizations that I have shared in this blog here, I would say ‘no’, in fact it is the other way around. It is evil of parents to, within looking into having children, not consider how the mixing of their genes will result in the life of the child. It is evil to deny a being the chance to live a life within the optimum of the physical and mental capabilities.  Thus ‘Love’ is evil because it will NOT actually consider the child itself, and only focus on how the parent experiences themselves within themselves in relation to ‘having a child’ – which will inevitably create consequences such as ‘puberty’, which is in fact not a ‘natural stage’ that a child goes through but it is a being that ‘acts out’ because it doesn’t understand why its existence is so fucked up and will thus end up hating the parents.

In an Equal Money System we WILL investigate and do the proper research to ensure that parenting is about the children and not about the self-interest of the parents – the investigation into ‘eugenics’ will be from the starting point of creating the optimal physical and mental design so that every being that is born here into this world will have every chance to develop, explore and expand themselves in the best possible way. Thus ‘love’ will be taken down from its pedestal and revealed for what it is, as nothing but the self-interested nature of the human that wasn’t willing to face its ignorance.

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  1. patrick says:

    ‘…. creates the ‘hate’ of the child – as the child will hate itself and its parents/environment’
    He is a deep thinker
    Has a big mind
    He is open minded
    Passionate writer

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