where is the Black Pride if our girls are this ashamed of their hair, their beautiful black hair

Don’t misquote me !!

My honesty might upset you but I don’t care. Before you misquote me and assume things let me break it down for you.

– I hate horrible cheap lace front wigs
– I don’t see the purpose of relaxing your hair and wearing weave at the same time when I know people wear weave without relaxing their hair.
– I love the creativity of weave and the versatility it gives you
– I hate that some people wear weave because they think they are ugly and society says “your natural is not professional or good”
-I hate seeing women stress about having enough money to buy weave When they have free hair growing from their heads
-I hate that people still say “good hair”. I want healthy hair and a healthy scalp not “good hair”

This is what I think about weave and relaxers. Now you don’t have to misquote me anymore.

I hate being misquoted because I’m not the one that is going to walk on eggshells around you because my opinion might offend you.

And you shouldn’t get your self all worked up because I don’t agree with you. “Calm your mind”

You are going to do what you want to do anyway!

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About Caleb Senda

The clean Caleb Concepts is the fastest growing event management company sparking up from the Nigeria's north Central. We package, manage and market events, brands and products to our wide reach of audience
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