Benue Mathematics competition


The Benue Mathematics competition is a competitive event where participants write a mathematics test before a live audience. These tests may require multiple choice or numeric answers, or a detailed written solution or proof. The Competition cuts across primary and secondary schools within Benue State of Nigeria.The competition is an annual competition that reaches out to schools from the 23 Local Government Areas within the state, Every year, over 100 schools will gather in Makurdi the state capital, evolving to more than 200 mathematicians across the state presented with a set of questions rich in content, designed to make them think and sure to leave them talking.


The Clean Caleb Concepts is dedicated to strengthening the mathematical capabilities of our nation’s youth, this program identifies, recognizes, and rewards excellence in mathematics through a series of state wide contests:

Date: 6th November 2013
Venue: Mt. St. Gabriels Secondary School Main hall
Time: 10am prompt

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1 Response to Benue Mathematics competition

  1. Kitafa says:

    Way to go! This is interesting and a good foundation to transform the ailling academic sector and raise interest in mathematics.

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