Clean Jeans Carnival

The Clean Jeans carnival is an all inclusive day out for families offering a host of amusements and attractions. Carnival rides for all ages, Roving Entertainment, performances, face painting, scavenger hunts and more Fun activities for all ages .

Attendees are required to wear jeans (it must be clean) to gain entry and access all that is on offer. An information booth will be on site to provide assistance to patrons if/when required. An annotated map of the showgrounds outlining important event details will be provided to attendees. The village opens just for one day at Macafa parks n garden on the 18th of April 2014. The Clean Jeans carnival will be an environment filled with games that will happen simultaneously while music is playing. games for children will cost just 20naira while games for adults may range from 50-100naira only.

Here’s the plan, all kiddies games at the carnival will be played by 5 persons who must pay the game fee of about 20naira, the winner of each game wins 80naira. Note; all games at the carnival are happening at the same time. Before the carnival is declared open, everybody at the carnival will gather at the music stand where all games will be explained for people to understand before dispersing into the arena.

Games we have planned to include at the carnival include Fill in the basket, Sack Race, Treasure hunt, Eggs and spoons, Play station 3, Table Tennis, Snooker, coin in the tray, pop corn race, Fill in The bottles, Ring the bottles, Blind hit, back ball to mention a few… Don’t miss this gig o

A Raffle draw will be conducted twice, DVD players and other technological devices will be won through the raffle draw. Pop corn, Ice cream and chilled drinks will be up for sale at the venue of the carnival. The carnival closes by 6pm…



About Caleb Senda

The clean Caleb Concepts is the fastest growing event management company sparking up from the Nigeria's north Central. We package, manage and market events, brands and products to our wide reach of audience
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