A Few Truths about Life Will Blow Your Mind

If the earth wasn’t exactly where it is, exactly the size that is and its atmosphere just the way it is, then we wouldn’t be here at all. They call that the Goldilocks zone, because the earth is just right for life to exist. That’s just one amazing fact about life that we take for granted and here are ten more for you to ponder on:
Think about all the amazing co-incidences that lead you to being born. What if your mum hadn’t gone to that party where she met your dad? What if your Grandfather’s watch had stopped, so he never made that first date with your grandmother? What if? What if? Add up all those, what if’s, and it’s pretty amazing that you are here at all!
You are made from stardust 90% of what makes up a human being is made from stardust. This is because only Helium and Hydrogen exist in the universe on their own and everything else, 90% of all the matter in the universe, is created in stars.
We are probably not alone Even though the chances of a planet being in the so called Goldilocks zone and being able to support life are pretty slim, there are up to 50 billion planets in our galaxy alone. Even if only 1% of those planets were in the Goldilocks zone, then there could well be life on 500 million other planets.
You are electric When you are thinking, your brain produces electric impulses. When you are awake, your brain produces enough of this electricity to power a small light bulb.
You are only three friends away from everyone else in the world It used to be said that there were only six degrees of separation between you and everybody else in the world. In other words: you know somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody else, up to six times and you would find that you are remotely acquainted with the President of the United States, for example. Facebook and other social networking sites have changed all that and statisticians now calculate that you are only 3.7 acquaintances away from everybody else.
You are not who you used to be Your body is constantly regenerating and in just 11 months 98% of the atoms that make up your body will be replaced by new ones. A new you every year!
You have to walk the entire length of a football field to burn off one single M&M Just eat one of those tiny little candy M&M treats and you will need to walk the full length of football field to burn off the calories.
Kissing is healthier than shaking someone’s hand When you say, I won’t kiss you I’ve got a cold; you’re doing people no favors at all, because more bacteria are passed in a hand shake, than are in a peck on the cheek.
You are breathing millionaire! You probably already know that you breathe a lot, but did you know that the approximate number of your breaths is over 5 million a year?
Smiling is easier than frowning The act of smiling involves about 17 facial muscles, while frowning involves over 40. This means that smiling is a lot easier, than frowning. Smiling has also been proven to instantly improve your mood. So, smile more, smile often!


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