team Chris ade at mtn project fame

“Christian” is still in house @ the Mtn project fame, he has proudly made it to the top 8.

It is starting to appear clearer that our brother might emerge victorious as he is currently the most outstanding performer in house.

Be kind, be of help… Send 6 to 306 to vote christian and watch mtn project fame

Monday to Friday: NTA(5-5.30pm) MiTv (6:30-7pm) AIT(7-7.30pm*) Soundcity (7.30-8pm) ONTV (8.30-9pm)

Saturday (omnibus): AIT(12.30-1.30pm) Soundcity(11am-12pm) ONTV (11am-12pm)

Saturday: NTA(5-6pm) AIT(5-6pm) Soundcity (8-9pm) ONTV (8.30-9.30pm)

Sunday: NTA(4-5:30pm) AIT(5.30-7pm) Soundcity (7.30-9pm) ONTV (8.30-10pm)

Metro TV Ghana (all times GMT)
– Mon to Friday…. 5-5.30
– Saturday…8-9pm
– Sunday….7.30-9pm

POWER & CLAR TV (Liberia)
– Mon to Friday…. 6-6.30PM
– Saturday(omnibus)…11:30am-12:30pm
– Saturday …4-5pm
– Sunday….4.30-6pm

SLBC (Sierra Leone)
Mon to Friday…. 7:30-8PM
– Saturday(omnibus)…1:00pm-2:00pm
– Saturday …8-9pm
– Sunday….7.30-9pm


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