Benue Mathematics competition


The Benue Mathematics competition is a competitive event where participants write a mathematics test before a live audience. These tests may require multiple choice or numeric answers, or a detailed written solution or proof. The Competition cuts across primary and secondary schools within Benue State of Nigeria.The competition is an annual competition that reaches out to schools from the 23 Local Government Areas within the state, Every year, over 100 schools will gather in Makurdi the state capital, evolving to more than 200 mathematicians across the state presented with a set of questions rich in content, designed to make them think and sure to leave them talking.


The Clean Caleb Concepts is dedicated to strengthening the mathematical capabilities of our nation’s youth, this program identifies, recognizes, and rewards excellence in mathematics through a series of state wide contests:

Date: 6th November 2013
Venue: Mt. St. Gabriels Secondary School Main hall
Time: 10am prompt

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How to stop being so hard on your self.

252463_203655433005774_3436364_nEveryone gets rejected, says the wrong things and experiences failure. When it happens to you, there is no reason to be so hard on yourself.

You don’t have to be your own worst enemy. Beating up on yourself doesn’t get you anywhere. No matter what you will always be a person of value!
Instead, choose to change; create a new habit. Learn to treat yourself with compassion, forgiveness and grace. Choose to be gentle on yourself.

Read on and discover how to lighten up and think well of yourself no matter what happens.

Look for the blesson. 

 Look for the lesson. What went wrong? How can you do things differently the next time? Choose to grow forward and learn from painful situations. When you do, your lesson becomes a blessing … or a blesson.

Make life a positive process. 

Believe in your worthiness and brilliance. Take small steps and go at your own pace. Forget about time, be patient and have faith.

Change your approach. 

Become aware of your self-talk and think before you speak to yourself. Quiet your inner critic with kind words and loving affirmations, sprinkled with understanding and compassion.

Sit in stillness. 

Ask for guidance. Listen to your intuition. When you can remain calm, without judgment, you are ready to carry on.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Beware of the temptation to make mountains out of molehills. Our egos like to make horror movies out of our errors. Ask yourself, “Will this matter six months or a year from now? Lighten up and go with the flow. 

Do the opposite. Reward yourself for trying. Spend time being creative. Do something interesting. Spend your energy focused on the important, wonderful and beautiful things in life. 

Get off the pity pot. Everybody has problems. Nobody wants to listen to you complain about yours. If you need to feel sorry for yourself, put a limit on it. Give yourself 24 hours to be miserable; then get up and try again. Count your blessings, not your troubles. 

Create a loving mantra. I am beautiful, kind and enough. Say it to yourself when you are down or when you feel rejected and defeated. Repeat it when you catch yourself falling back into self-criticism. Repeat it when you can’t sleep at night. Practice it every time you have to wait in line. 

Get excited about your future. Learn to expect the best. Remain positive. Refuse to give up. I’m on your side and I have all the faith in the world in you.

Please leave your thoughts below.

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This One Leadership Quality Will Make or Break You

394566_297837800254203_143One of the most often overlooked aspects of leadership is the need for pursuit. Great leaders are never satisfied with traditional practice, static thinking, conventional wisdom, or common performance. In fact, the best leaders are simply uncomfortable with anything that embraces the status quo. Leadership is pursuit – pursuit of excellence, of elegance, of truth, of what’s next, of what if, of change, of value, of results, of relationships, of service, of knowledge, and of something bigger than yourself. In the text that follows I’ll examine the value of being a pursuer…
Here’s the thing – pursuit leads to attainment. What you pursue will determine the paths you travel, the people you associate with, the character you develop, and ultimately, what you do or don’t achieve. Having a mindset focused on pursuit is so critical to leadership that lacking this one quality can sentence you to mediocrity or even obsolescence. The manner, method, and motivation behind any pursuit is what sets truly great leaders apart from the masses. If you want to become a great leader, become a great pursuer.
A failure to embrace pursuit is to cede opportunity to others. A leader’s failure to pursue clarity leaves them amidst the fog. Their failure to pursue creativity relegates them to the routine and mundane. Their failure to pursue talent sentences them to a world of isolation.  Their failure to pursue change approves apathy. Their failure to pursue wisdom and discernment subjects them to distraction and folly. Their failure to pursue character leaves a question mark on their integrity. Let me put this as simply as I can – you cannot attain what you do not pursue.
Smart leaders understand it’s not just enough to pursue, but pursuit must be intentional, focused, consistent, aggressive, and unyielding. You must pursue the right things, for the right reasons, and at the right times. Perhaps most of all, the best forms of pursuit enlist others in the chase. Pursuit in its purest form is highly collaborative, very inclusive and easily transferable. Pursuit operates at greatest strength when it leverages velocity and scale.
I also want to caution you against trivial pursuits – don’t confuse pursuit with simple goal setting. Outcomes are clearly important, but as a leader, it’s what happens after the outcome that you need to be in pursuit of. Pursue discovery, seek dissenting opinions, develop your ability unlearn by embracing how much you don’t know, and find the kind of vision that truly does see around corners. Don’t use your pursuits to shift paradigms, pursue breaking them. Knowing what not to pursue is just as important as knowing what to pursue.
It’s important to keep in mind that nothing tells the world more about a leader than what or who they pursue – that which you pursue is that which you value. If you message to your organization you value talent, but don’t treat people well and don’t spend time developing the talent around you, then I would suggest you value rhetoric more than talent. Put simply, you can wax eloquent all you like, but your actions will ultimately reveal what you truly value.
Lastly, the best leaders pursue being better leaders. They know to fail in this pursuit is nothing short of a guarantee they’ll be replaced by those who don’t. All leaders would be well served to go back to school on what I refer to as the art and science of pursuitology.
What’s been the best thing you’ve pursued? What pursuit has led you astray. Thoughts?

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Michael Friday will be in Makurdi

MICHAEL Friday is not your popular guy. But silently, the Benue State-born man has been inventing modules that will ease the pains of Nigerians. Born on August 3, 1979, he attended LGEA Primary School, Onicha-Igo, Kogi State. For his secondary education, he was at Ochaja Boys Secondary School. He later got admitted to Yaba Collage of Technology (YABATECH), but dropped out due to financial difficulties. Today, he, however, holds a master’s degree in Information Technology from the University of Liverpool. He tells BOLA OLAJUWON and GREGORY AUSTIN NWAKUNOR all about his inventions, award and dream for Nigeria.

Working experience
I worked for Deeper Life Bible Church for two years; later on, I moved to Living Faith Bible Church for another three years before Vividglobal came into existence in 2006. I was into media productions, recording and video coverage in these churches while I was working on my various inventions. In fact, this was one reason I could not work for too long. I have been passionate about invention from childhood after my strange encounter and name resemblance with one of the great inventors, Michael Faraday, from whom I derive so much inspiration. We have achieved so much by our successful partnership with Eazytrade to achieve our dream in changing the world of technology through re-engineering and fresh inventions. Vividglobal received its boom in technology after Eazytrade bought shares into it, early 2009.

We have a lot of inventions that are sure to put Nigeria on the same pedestal with others. Vivid car came into existence in 2005, when I was on queue for fuel for about two days; and was given a query for not coming to the office for the sake of fuel that we produce. Thereafter, thought of inventing a car that will not consume fuel. Today, Vivid electronic car stands out. It is charged both electrically and through gasoline generator before usage. Our car generates its current through a module developed here, which sustains the car energy for up to 2000km per day on 2.3 litre engine. Its kind in other parts of the world can only go for just 100km. Also, looking at our critical challenge faced by our country, it’s of necessity to have an alternative to our power generation and distribution. We have developed a 5 KVA generator that requires no fuel or any form of charging to power your house for at least 10 years. You need minimal daily or monthly expenditure to keep the generator working for 24 hours in a week non-stop. It’s the first of its kind in the world and it is developed in Nigeria and will be out before December, this year. Our TV is a revolutionary one that has all the functions in one. With its LCD led panel, it can work for minimum of six hours after power supply is off; it plays DVD VCD and audio CDs and has AC out for charging phone. For the Vivid eazy safe, we are talking of the fastest copying mini flash drive with 16 GB. It is one of the largest and smallest in the world today. We achieved this by the use of micro chip/liquid technology to build it. The Vivid GPS Navigator is a multimedia navigator covering all nooks and crannies of Nigerian roads and villages, with live traffic report and detour services, play movie, game, e-book, Bluetooth and phonebook backup.

Business environment
In Nigeria, we do business with less commitment and if we can be more committed to our businesses, work and technology, we will become the giants that we have craved for and, which we are referred to in Africa. We have the potentials in us and we can do it. If a foreign investor can ask me to name any price I want, to become the head of his company research and development, then I will say there’s something here that needed to be studied in the world over. There are many more out there, who are doing great things. The truth is, we should get back to work and forget cutting corners or the so-called short form of getting rich formulae.

I have been very passionate about the poor all my life due to my humble upbringing and the ugly experience I had while growing up, where I had to drop out of school because of finance. Let me tell you this, I lacked everything and was always in want. The childhood experience has made me to stand and fight poverty with everything in me. Since I began to earn a living, I have taken time to commit certain amount of my income to help the poor. This, in fact, started when I was still earning N16,000. I started this foundation for widows with just a bag of rice monthly. Now, the foundation is very big with a membership of over 400 people, who receive my gift every month. Also attached to what the foundation gets is appointment with pastors and doctors, who minister to their physical and spiritual needs. Fifty per cent of the medical care of members of the foundation is borne by me. There are about 55 orphans and less privilege children in both secondary and universities on full scholarship. While an elders forum takes care of the elders and full time gospel ministers and imams. These people get paid a token amount on monthly bases. The elders in the forum enjoy 100 per cent medical care from what God provides me from my current earning.

The Award
The award came at a time I felt so challenged in my various inventions. This happened barely a week I turned down an offer of $30 million by a Chinese businessman to get the patent right for the car. I told him I would never do that because Nigeria has everything needed to build the car here. He told me we don’t have the money neither the technology, but I stood ground and refused his offer and returned to Nigeria. I planned to meet my governor and other business men for immediate take off of the factory, having consulted with mould company in Europe to provide the various mould we need. The fortunate thing was that I had not even seen those I planned seeing about my decision, when the award came. Had I sold the idea to the Chinese business mogul no one would have known that a Nigerian developed the car here. So, the award is an encouragement to me.

Future expectations
I see great conglomerates of businesses springing out of Vivid and Eazytrade soon, and an outstanding manufacturing firm that will at least bring out new inventions every three month.

Michael Friday will be in Benue state this Sunday at 8am at “House On the rock” ( Empire suits, hall)… Come and listen to him talk about his experiences and how far he has gone.

Inquiries: 07066124004, 08024362536 or 08067770800

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We Make it easier.



Faculty of Architecture

Architecture (BAR CH)
Industrial Design (BID)
Interior Architecture (B INT ARCH)

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Archaeology and Art History (BA) English Literature and Humanities(BA) General Education Interpretation and Translation (BA)
History (BA)
Chemistry-Physics ( MS – PhD) Medicine.
Mathematics (BS)
Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Music (BM)
Psychology (BS)
Turkish Language and Literature >

Faculty of Business and Economics

Department of Banking and Finance Banking and Finance (BA)
International Finance (BA)
Administration Business (BBA) International Trade and Business (BBA) Management Information Systems (BBA)
Human Resource Management (BBA) Marketing Management (BBA) Economics (BS)
Econometrics (BS)
International Relations (BA)
European Studies (BA)
Department of Political Sciences Political Science (BA)
Public Administration (BA)

Faculty of Communication and Media Studies Journalism (BA)

Public Relations and Advertising (BA) Radio-TV and Film (BA)
Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design (BA) >

Faculty of Education, Educational Sciences. Computer and Instructional Technology Teacher Education (BS)

Middle School Mathematics Teacher Education (BS)
Pre-School Teacher Education (BA) Psychological Counseling and Guidance (BS)

Contact us for more details: BB Pin: Sehembz 288CC9D2, Caleb Senda 288CC9D2

Phone numbers: 08060805891,08020379704, 08067770800


Or visit us: Head office: Shop A32MIB Plaza, First Avenue Gwarimpa, Abuja, Nigeria.

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42 Reasons why ‘Caleb Senda’ is Good

1010646_10152898109060076_1579044031_nWhat is the truth about Good, bad and ugly individuals? Because everyone has a different definition to it, Caleb Senda might be good to person A and Bad to person B…
42 reasons why you I am good

1. I have not committed sin.
2. I have not committed robbery with violence.
3. I have not stolen.
4. I have not slain men and women.
5. I have not stolen grain.
6. I have not purloined offerings.
7. I have not stolen the property of the god.
8. I have not uttered lies.
9. I have not carried away food.
10. I have not uttered curses.
11. I have not committed adultery, I have not lain with men.
12. I have made none to weep.
13. I have not eaten the heart [i.e I have not grieved uselessly, or felt remorse].
14. I have not attacked any man.
15. I am not a man of deceit.
16. I have not stolen cultivated land.
17. I have not been an eavesdropper.
18. I have slandered [no man].
19. I have not been angry without just cause.
20. I have not debauched the wife of any man.
21. I have not debauched the wife of [any] man. (repeats the previous affirmation but addressed to a different god).
22. I have not polluted myself.
23. I have terrorized none.
24. I have not transgressed [the Law].
25. I have not been wroth.
26. I have not shut my ears to the words of truth.
27. I have not blasphemed.
28. I am not a man of violence.
29. I am not a stirrer up of strife (or a disturber of the peace).
30. I have not acted (or judged) with undue haste.
31. I have not pried into matters.
32. I have not multiplied my words in speaking.
33. I have wronged none, I have done no evil.
34. I have not worked witchcraft against any
35. I have never stopped [the flow of] water.
36. I have never raised my voice except to my other half(spoken arrogantly, or in anger).
37. I have not cursed (or blasphemed) God.
38. I have not acted with evil rage.
39. I have not stolen the bread of the gods.
40. I have not carried away the khenfu cakes from the Spirits of the dead.
41. I have not snatched away the bread of the child, nor treated with contempt the god of my city.
42. I have not slain the cattle belonging to the god.

I am just living life, didn’t write the script but am editing… Basically recreating myself per day

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Self forgiveness on Sex

sex construct
getting the bastard out!!!

i forgive myself for allowing myself to want and desire sex with girls and women

i forgive myself for allowing myself to try to obtain sex by flaunting my behavior and body so women will notice me and will be interested in having sex with me
i forgive myself for allowing myself by presenting interesting and cute and funny and nice behavior so women will notice me as a good guy, an interesting man and will be interested in having sex with me
i forgive myself for allowing myself to see everything i do thru the eyes of girls in my world
i forgive myself for allowing myself to try to come across as humorous to get the positive attention from girls
i forgive myself for allowing myself to project my security strength and self certainty on her
i forgive myself for allowing myself to want to seem as if i am very self secure and know what i am doing
i forgive myself for not allowing myself to realize that i only see myself in all and everyone around me
i forgive myself for allowing myself to separate myself as strength security and directness from myself by projecting it onto women
i forgiv emyself for allowing myself to look back on my behavior and feel good about it when i think it got the attention from her
i forgive myself for allowing myself to truly believe that this is me and therefore feel shy about acting and reacting in this way
i forgive myself for allowing myself to think that they will eventually hate me for it, ‘at first it was kinda sweet and funny, but now it s like ‘alright already”
i forgive myself for allowing myself to hate myself for my silent and still behavior, my noisy and out attitude and my lush and fun and pleasure pursuit
i forgive myself for allowing myself to define myself according to all the things i have done and all the feelings i ve felt etc because i think others do that too
I forgive my self for writing this post mainly because it doesn’t only define humanity but it defines Caleb Senda

till here and no further:

i am one and equal to Caleb
i am one and equal to Terese
I am one and equal to Senda

I am Caleb Senda

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People Who Do Not Dream

We all know someone who claims never to dream. Although the question has never to my knowledge been definitely answered by science, it appears that there are some people who rarely or never dream or never recall the dreams they have. At least this is what they tell us.

Stepansky et al (1998), studied dream recall in a sample of 1000 adult Austrians. They reported that 31 percent of this sample report dreaming 10 times per month or more, 37 percent report dreaming 1 – 9 times per month, and 32 percent report dreaming less than once per month.

To really be sure that an individual does not dream we would have to follow him for years and perform awakenings from REM sleep to see if he dreamed. If the individual never reported a dream after years of awakenings from REM sleep then we could reasonably conclude that either the person does not dream or that he lacks the ability to recall dreams or that he is a liar (for some reason he wants to conceal the fact that he does in fact dream).

While every human being so far as we know exhibits REM sleep, not every human being reports dreams. It appears you can have REM sleep with very low dream recall or possibly without dreams entirely.

There may even be groups of individuals who never recall their dreams or who do not dream. Just as there were pre-modern tribal groups who made dream-sharing a central part of their culture, I can imagine the opposite: a group of people who never cultivated dreams and who therefore never understood what they were

The ancient Greek historian Herodotus reported in book IV of his Histories that there once was such a group of people who lived many thousands of years ago in North Africa near the mountain called Atlas. “The natives call this mountain “the Pillar of Heaven”; and they themselves take their name from it, being called Atlantes or the Atlanteans. They are reported not to eat any living thing, and never to have any dreams.”

While dreaming may be a cultural universal, it is clear that some individuals recall few or no dreams over many years. These individual suffer no ill consequences from their apparent inability to dream. Dream recall apparently is not necessary for mental, physical or cultural health.

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where is the Black Pride if our girls are this ashamed of their hair, their beautiful black hair

Don’t misquote me !!

My honesty might upset you but I don’t care. Before you misquote me and assume things let me break it down for you.

– I hate horrible cheap lace front wigs
– I don’t see the purpose of relaxing your hair and wearing weave at the same time when I know people wear weave without relaxing their hair.
– I love the creativity of weave and the versatility it gives you
– I hate that some people wear weave because they think they are ugly and society says “your natural is not professional or good”
-I hate seeing women stress about having enough money to buy weave When they have free hair growing from their heads
-I hate that people still say “good hair”. I want healthy hair and a healthy scalp not “good hair”

This is what I think about weave and relaxers. Now you don’t have to misquote me anymore.

I hate being misquoted because I’m not the one that is going to walk on eggshells around you because my opinion might offend you.

And you shouldn’t get your self all worked up because I don’t agree with you. “Calm your mind”

You are going to do what you want to do anyway!

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“Benghazi-gate,” “Umbrella-gate” and the IRS Scandal — Why These Are Good for Obama

It goes without saying this past week hasn’t been the best week to be President Obama—at least it appears that way on the surface.

But then it started to occur to me that I’m so damn tired of “conspiracy theories” and witch hunts against the President.

Then another thing occurred to me—so are most Americans.

Just have a look at the poll done by Gallup that shows below average interest by Americans over both the IRS and Benghazi “scandals.”  This despite the fact that Fox News, and every other right-wing media outlet, has pushed these events as something as bad as 9/11 and Watergate.

People are sick of the fear mongering, they’re sick of the ridiculousness and they’re growing sick of Republicans.

But the sad fact is, I know Republicans won’t quit.

Since President Obama has been in office it’s been one thing after another with these people.  From fake birth certificates, to death panels, links to the Muslim Brotherhood, living under fake identities, fake college transcripts—honestly I could just keep going, but you get the picture.

It’s been an endless stream of ridiculous and asinine fear mongering against the President.  I’ve honestly never seen anything like it.

In fact, to find anything similar you have to go back to the Clinton days and the Monica Lewinsky scandal.  After their attempts to defeat Clinton in the 1996 elections failed, Republicans spent the better part of his second term trying to get anything on him to remove him from office.  Then they were finally given a political gift when Clinton initially lied about his “relationship” with a White House intern named Monica Lewinsky.

After more details emerged, they pushed for the better part of 1996 and 1997–all the way up to the 1998 elections.  By that November the truth about Clinton’s affair was out and impeachment proceedings were set to take place.  After this “scandal” you’d expect Democrats to take a hit during the 1998 mid-term elections, right?

Well you’d be wrong.  Not only did they not take a hit, they gained seats in the House of Representatives and gained a bigger percentage of the vote in the Senate.

The American people didn’t care.  Sure, Republicans cared, but the majority of the American people did not.  By 1998 they were so tired of this obsession with attacking Clinton, instead of doing their jobs to help the American people, that their witch hunts backfired and it made them look like individuals more concerned with partisan politics rather than doing their jobs as legislators.

And I think that’s where this is going.

Essentially every blatant lie against Obama that Republicans have tried to slander him with for the last 4+ years has been debunked and dismissed by most sane Americans.  And no matter how hard they try to make Benghazi into some giant conspiracy, outside of their own voting base—it’s not working.  If anything, what I said a week or so back is becoming true.  More Americans are seeing this as a preemptive political attack on Hillary Clinton, trying to politicize the deaths at Benghazi, than any real concern from Republicans over what actually happened that night.

Now you have this IRS scandal which, trust me, Republicans will do everything they can to try and link it to President Obama (even though he quickly came out and denounced these actions and instructed those in the right positions to investigate the unethical behavior).

If I know Republicans (and I do) they’re going to dig for months to do whatever they can to try and link this to the White House and paint them as incompetent or corrupt.  And I have no doubt that they’ll find some far-fetched link which they can spin to pander to their base and crank up the fear machine.  But as with every other one of their pathetic attempts to attack the President, it will most likely fail (or be revealed as something they blatantly fabricated) and the American people will view them even more negatively than before.

I mean hell, they’ve attacked him for having a Marine holding an umbrella for him in the rain during a speech.  That is how pathetically sad and desperate they’ve become.

So let them keep pushing and we will see Obama do what he always does—sit back and let them make fools of themselves.

Because he knows, and so should everyone else by now,  that the easiest way to make Republicans look like complete idiots isn’t by attacking them or playing their games…

It’s by just sitting back and letting them be—Republicans.  Because they have the ability to make fools out of themselves far better than anyone else.

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who is a killer

A question i would ask myself here is – what makes a killer? In other words: To what extend does the environment shape, form, define and determine who a being is in word, thought and deed?

I think we can all agree that, whether mostly defined by ‘nurture’ (cultural/environmental programming of the mind) or ‘nature’ (genetics/reflexes/instincts) – the human being is a ‘program’/’organic system’ of which the entirety of the ‘Who I am in this world’ is a combination of predetermined/predesigned/preprogrammed factors (considering we leave out the belief in a ‘Soul’ – as such a thing cannot be scientifically underbuilt), which the scientific community would term ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’. This essentially implies that none of what/who a being that is born in this world becomes, is or can be anything other than a result/consequence/product of the ‘variables’ that make up ‘who’ the being is (>as so determined by the predesigned/preprogrammed factors of ‘nature’/’nurture’).

Thus – yes, we all have the ‘potential to kill’ as we could have ourselves been born into a ‘life path’/’constitution’/’environment’ of which the ‘variables’ of the ‘input’ that make up the ‘who’ the being is in this world result in us killing another being, for whatever reason that may be. In this, there really exist no such thing as ‘free choice’, an excuse that many people use to make themselves believe that they are ‘better than’ the ‘killers’/’criminals’ in this world – as ‘free choice’ would imply that we ever had any say what so ever in the ‘input’/’variables’/’factors’ that constitute all of who we believe ourselves to be and how we experience ourselves. And considering that human beings do not in any way understand where exactly their mind/thoughts/feelings/motivations/reactions comes from or what the mind actually really is or how it was created and by whom – it would even be sheer arrogance to compare oneself to any other being in this world and state that we would not walk the same life and make the same decisions as them, without firstly investigating and understanding how the mind and the physical reality as that which constitutes all of who we are works exactly

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what is sin?

Any doctrine that relates to sin, is effected by our understanding and definition of sin. Most errors in theology can usually find their roots in a defective definition of sin. This I have found to be profoundly true. 

If our definition of sin causes Christians to view things so differently, does this not imply that the problem resides in a faulty view of what sin really is? Circular reasoning makes for great arguments, but those that can differentiate between the facts, and the theories used to support those facts, will find themselves closer to common ground. 

While it would be desirable to come outright with a definition to work from, I believe it will be of better use to the reader to see that any definition that is arrived at must be based upon an inductive study of all sorts concerning sin. 

Much of the difficulty in defining sin is that there is no universal consensus as to what the nature of sin really is. Any definition given will no doubt be scrutinized and summarily rejected by some for this very reason. Even though an attempt will be made to arrive at a usable definition, I fear that many will either outright reject the definition because it does not meet their theological presuppositions, or that a singular definition does not do justice to the whole realm of what sin is.

Sin as an act is of more importance to us here and now. It is something that is in the realm of our responsibility, and as such, should be examined to see what, if anything can be done about it.

Sin, as an act, is defined by Wesley as “A willful transgression of a known law.” This holds to the elements in question. The idea that we gain by this is that sin, as an act of rebellion, requires that one understands that they are doing wrong. 

Here is an example, my great grand father had over five wives and It wasn’t sin because of the laws that had their time and environment bound, it is sin to do so today (christianity)… So was my great grand father committing sin when he wasn’t??? Or does the definition of sin change from generation to generation?

The question is, did he sin? According to Wesley’s definition he did not, for it did not carry the essential elements. First, he did not know he was doing wrong. Secondly, he did not willfully violate his women.  

Sin is a matter of the heart and intent, not necessarily the result of what occurred.

This gives us insight into many passages of Scripture such as in 1 Corinthians where a man was involved with incest. Paul, a Jew who knew the Law, was in a pagan land where they knew little or nothing of the Law. Paul constantly remarks with exasperation, “Did you not know?” This is how they could be carnal, yet obedient up to the light that they had about right and wrong. Once informed of the sinfulness of this act, Paul suggests that Church discipline be enacted as to “turn such a one over to Satan.” Luke records in Acts 17:30, that, “the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent.” God views mistakes and “sins” of  ignorance differently than willful “high-handed” sins, which is to be seen throughout Scripture. “Sin” as an act is something that the Bible asserts is unavoidable.

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Eugenics: The parents love create hate

“Eugenics is the study of or belief in the possibility of improving the qualities of the human species or a human population, especially by such means as discouraging reproduction by persons having genetic defects or presumed to have inheritable undesirable traits (negative eugenics)  or encouraging reproduction by persons presumed to have inheritable desirable traits (positive eugenics).”
Hitler tryed to create his ‘master race’ and is therefore ‘bad’ and ‘evil’, because Hitler was ‘bad’ and ‘evil’. I simply accepted this and every time the word ‘eugenics’ or ‘genetic modification’ or anything that had something to do with deliberately mixing genes of humans to create a superior outcome, I immediately rejected the idea and judged it as ‘evil’, never noticing that I had learned and copied this attitude towards eugenics from my teachers in school and, with me wanting to fit in and ‘be normal just like everybody else’, I simply accepted it as ‘the truth’ without ever even considering to investigate for myself what is really going on in this reality.
I also learned, through indulging in conspiracy theories and other ‘mystery phenomenon’ over the internet, that the ‘elite’ of this world actually specifically ‘keep the genes (quite like the money and the knowledge) in the family/circle’ so as to always produce children that will be genetically superior at survival in this world-system than the children in the ‘lower ranks’ of society. My first reaction when reading this was of course one of blame and judgment, blaming and judging the elite for being ‘nazi’s’ that will leave the rest of us to die and starve while they create their ‘master race’, they are ‘evil fuckers’. But what i did not see was the fear that I was actually experiencing within myself towards ‘the elite’, as the reason/origin of why I was judging the ‘elite’ in the first place – I experienced fear because deep within myself I actually knew that I was inferior to them, as my parents did NOT create me as my physical body and capacities/capabilities within the insight and knowledge of what the mixture of their genes will create as a physical program (which is in essence what the human physical body and this entire physical existence IS) – my parents created me out of ‘Love’, the apparent ‘highest purpose in/of life’.
Obviously my parents, just like every other couple in this world and especially african society, didn’t investigate or research on their genes and ask themselves the question of whether or not it would be a good idea to have children together, seeing how the physical condition of their children will be COMPLETELY and ENTIRELY dependent on the genetic material of both parents. They did not look at how their inner belief-systems, values, ideas and personalities mixed together would impact the mind of the child or ask themselves the question of whether or not this mixture would be what is best for the child, they did not even fully realize that the child will for the largest part become, physically and mentally, a complete copy of them as the parents and that there will thus be consequences that will play out in the life of the child as the result of their specific upbringing/creation, physically and mentally.
 Thus, the human will willfully remain dumb, and willfully create children that are dumb, in their physical and mental design – ‘dumb’ as opposed to how/what they could be if their parents had only PLANned, investigated and researched more as to the consequences of their ‘love’ that would play out in the life of their child. What is ‘love’ anyways? It is a feeling…. and that’s pretty much it. ‘Love’ as a feeling is what is currently in charge of the baby-making in this world – and it isn’t difficult to spot the results and consequences that are not as ‘beautiful’ and ‘magical’ as the ‘loving feeling’ that the parents experienced when making the child. 

Not only are children born deformed or in some way ‘less capable’ than what/how they could be, but in many cases, a child will have been created that was ‘not intended’, where the parents will not take up their parental responsibilities because they ‘don’t feel like raising a child’ as it was ‘not what they signed up for’ when they had allowed themselves to be swept away by a momentary experience of ‘passionate love’. Many children end up on the streets or in Foster care or Orphanages because they were rejected or abused by their parents, due to the ‘love’ that the parents felt for each other, but not for the product that they unintentionally created in this physical reality, which unfortunately does not bend to the irrational feelings and experiences of the mind.

Based on this feeling of ‘love’ that is so glorified by human beings, parents will NOT educate themselves properly on how to effectively raise a child, as they feel and believe that it is somehow ‘romantic’ to raise their child ‘on love’. Though could it be that we have put ‘love’ on a pedestal and have managed to find all sorts of excuses and reasons and justifications for why ‘love’ is apparently ‘all we need’ and ‘the only thing that is real’, in spite of the physical evidence that you CANNOT raise a child on ‘love’ as it actually needs food, clothes, shelter and warmth to live and grow, because we actually don’t want to face the fact that we are really quite ignorant and dumb in our understanding and insight of how reality works, functions and operates – so we would much rather turn to ethereal feelings and experiences that do not require any effort at all and believe that that is ‘superior’ to reality, than to realize/see/understand that reality is in fact a SYSTEM – the mind is a SYSTEM, the physical is a SYSTEM? A child does NOT raise itself, teach itself language or how to speak, walk, interpret, think or eat – this is all programmed into the child by the parents.

And thus it only makes sense that the ‘love’ of the parents, which is in essence simply a ‘lack of insight/understanding/awareness’, creates the ‘hate’ of the child – as the child will hate itself and its parents/environment because the child will realize that it is inferior in all ways to this physical world-system, because its environment simply didn’t bother to consider the REALITY of the physical existence of their child, as a mind and a body that is programmable, caught up in their ‘love bubble’ as they were and thus did not properly support or educate the child within what is best for the child in this world because they themselves were also but the product and result of the ignorance of their parents.

So, is eugenics ‘evil’? Based on the insights and realizations that I have shared in this blog here, I would say ‘no’, in fact it is the other way around. It is evil of parents to, within looking into having children, not consider how the mixing of their genes will result in the life of the child. It is evil to deny a being the chance to live a life within the optimum of the physical and mental capabilities.  Thus ‘Love’ is evil because it will NOT actually consider the child itself, and only focus on how the parent experiences themselves within themselves in relation to ‘having a child’ – which will inevitably create consequences such as ‘puberty’, which is in fact not a ‘natural stage’ that a child goes through but it is a being that ‘acts out’ because it doesn’t understand why its existence is so fucked up and will thus end up hating the parents.

In an Equal Money System we WILL investigate and do the proper research to ensure that parenting is about the children and not about the self-interest of the parents – the investigation into ‘eugenics’ will be from the starting point of creating the optimal physical and mental design so that every being that is born here into this world will have every chance to develop, explore and expand themselves in the best possible way. Thus ‘love’ will be taken down from its pedestal and revealed for what it is, as nothing but the self-interested nature of the human that wasn’t willing to face its ignorance.

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I fear Enjoying Life – The Corrective Action

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear enjoying life

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear enjoying myself in the moment

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to define ‘enjoyment’ within ‘getting recognition for my hard work and for my life’ by other people

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that ‘life is not meant to be enjoyed’, ‘it is meant to work’

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel proud of myself when i have been working hard and when i have accomplished a task/job/assignment within believing that i have proven my worth in this world and thus i can feel good about my existence here – by believing that my purpose in life is to work and ‘achieve goals’ and not to simply live

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to look down on beings that don’t work, that don’t DO anything by judging them as ‘a freeloader’ and ‘lazy’, that I have connected with a negative energetic charge, as judgments that i have copied from my parents and grandparents – wherein i believe that i am superior to those that ‘don’t do anything’ because I have allowed myself to believe that the ‘values’ of my family are real – instead of realizing that they are but beliefs and have absolutely nothing to do with reality that is HERE, as these beliefs are completely one-dimensional and ego-based wherein the entirety of reality is not considered, only the personal experience within and as the family-construct

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to define myself with the belief that i have to work to prove my worth and value in this world, so that i can prove that i am worthy of existing to ‘other people’ as ‘my family’ – within and as the fear of being judged by them as ‘lazy’ and ‘freeloader’ as judgments that they often placed on other people that in their eyes were not ‘productive enough’ and were not ‘effective/efficient workers’ and were therefore inferior

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear being judged as lazy because i fear experiencing the negative energetic charge that i have assigned to this word as what i copied from my family

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear the word ‘lazy’

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear relaxing here in the moment because i fear that my environment, as my family’, will judge me as ‘lazy’ – based on experiences/memories in my life wherein my parents judged me as ‘lazy’ because in their eyes i wasn’t doing enough and wasn’t working and thus i was apparently ‘inferior’ and ‘bad’

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that if i do not work to prove my value and worth to other people, that i am ‘bad’ – as a belief that i have copied from my family as I often witnessed how my parents and grandparents judged other people within a negative energetic value/charge because they did not work

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to define my worth and value and to define the value and worth of life within working and doing things in this world – and thus getting recognition from my environment for the work that i have done

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to separate myself from value and worth by defining value and worth within working, doing things and getting recognition from my environment for the work that i have done

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to connect the energetic experience of guilt with ‘not working’ and ‘not doing anything/performing a task’ – as how i reacted when my parents told me that i am lazy because i am not working and that i have to do something, anything but sit in front of the television all day, because that is apparently ‘bad’

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to define myself within the belief that ‘life is not meant to be enjoyed’ and to therefore fear relaxing, being here within and as the moment unconditionally as me

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to exist within and as the feeling and belief that i constantly have to do something – and therein constantly experience stress and anxiety within myself

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that i am superior to those that don’t work or work less than me and that i am inferior to those that work more than me – based on the belief that the value of life is determined through how much a being works that i have copied from my family

i forgive myself for having accepted and allowed myself to therefore believe that those starving people in Africa, or the poor people that i see sitting on the side of the street, have it coming to them and that it is their fault that they are in that situation because they don’t work enough and they are ‘lazy’ – and to therefore feel superior to them – instead of placing myself in the shoes of every being in this world and realizing myself as one and equal with all of existence here and not just a pre-programmed robot that simply lives out a culturally designed program within and as the illusion of superiority as the ego of the mind

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to define myself within and as my family and within the ‘value-system’ of my family as the belief that working is good and not working is bad and that i must work to prove my worth in existence, thus existing in constant fear, anxiety and stress as the fear of being judged as ‘bad’ and to thus be rejected by my family – instead of standing within and as oneness and equality as the self-directive principle of myself as life, as self-enjoyment and unconditional self-expression in each and every moment, within and as the realization that that is really ‘what life is all about’ as ‘what is best for all life’, and within the realization that the desire to work in order to apparently ‘prove my worth’ is an ego-desire within the belief that i am important and special, wherein i want to go to heaven and be seen by ‘God’ as ‘good’

i forgive myself that i haven’t allowed myself to realize that the belief that i have to work hard to prove that i am worthy of life and to get recognition from other people is a pre-programmed belief wherein i exist as a slave to consciousness as empty belief-systems that don’t actually make sense and that aren’t actually real as they only exist in the realm of the mind, which has nothing to do with life here as it only evolves around this fake, illusory idea that i am in some way special and important and that what i DO here in this world is in some way important and special, which isn’t actually so

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to separate myself from the word ‘lazy’ by fearing it, based on memories of my father calling me ‘lazy’ and telling me that i have to work, wherein i basically feared being rejected by my father – instead of realizing that my father’s expression towards me is the expression of who/what he has allowed himself to become as what he has allowed to exist within himself as fears and beliefs, that he also copied from his parents, which don’t actually have anything to do with me

i forgive myself that i haven’t allowed myself to realize myself as one and equal with my father by reacting to his expression with fear, thus copying his beliefs and fears, becoming a mind consciousness system/robot, living out the beliefs and fears of the previous generations within and as the illusory belief that i am special and important as the ego of the mind

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to separate myself from my environment as ‘other people’ by existing within and as the desire to get recognition for my work in this world so that i can feel good about myself, based on the belief that my worth and value is determined within what i DO in this world as what i can SHOW to other people – instead of taking responsibility for my environment as me and direct this reality into a world that is best for all, wherein i do not allow myself to exist within and as or be directed by beliefs such as ‘i must work to prove my worth’ as an ego-belief that exist within and as separation of myself from myself as reality, but wherein I consider all life as me and direct all within and as what is best for all as me

I realize that i am in no way special or important and that the belief that i have to work hard to in some way prove myself as ‘worthy’ to live is an ego belief that only serves the desire of the ego to feel superior to other beings and thus not take responsibility for all life here. If and when i see myself tensing up, worrying about the future and feeling as though i have to do something, judging myself as ‘lazy’ or wanting to prove to other people that i am superior through and within the work that i do and have done – i stop within myself and i breathe and i do not allow myself to be directed by this belief/feeling and i stand constant and stable here, within and as the realization of who i really am as life as oneness and equality – not allowing anything less than what is best for all life to exist within myself and thus allowing myself to relax and enjoy myself as life itself here within and as unconditionality.

I realize that relaxation is who i ‘naturally’ am – and that it is not normal to tense up or be anxious or nervous, as the experience of myself that i have copied from my parents – thus, i trust myself within and as the realization that relaxation is who i am as what is best for all life as me, as the possibility and freedom to express and experience myself as life within and as the living statement of me as oneness and equality as who i really am without beliefs, rules and ‘values’ as an attempt to limit life to serve the ego of the mind as the desire to separate myself from other beings and feel special and important.

I accept myself as the moment here and i relax within and as the realization that i am HERE, one and equal with my environment, one and equal with my parents and grandparents and all of existence here within and as this moment. And i realize that ‘special’ and ‘important’ doesn’t actually exist as they are/were but experiences of the mind as the illusion of separation that i had allowed to exist within myself.

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How do we know if our self-image is real?

    All judgment/interpretation/understanding with regards to ‘reality’ and ‘who we are’ in terms of ‘good/bad’, ‘positive/negative’, ‘right/wrong’, ‘better/worse’ or ‘inferior/superior’ is always subject to the ‘eye of the beholder’ as judgment is always personal opinion/experience based. Within this, the question of ‘what is the ‘truth’?’ is invalid as long as the ‘truth’ is defined within judgments about reality that are made in the mind of the individual. A valid question would be ‘what is Reality/Real?’ – where we look at what it is that can actually be trusted by all, which is for instance the physical laws that bind us all here on earth — and ‘self-image’ is not a part of the physical reality, as it only exist in the mind of the individual.

    What is fascinating within this is how ‘humanity’ – in how we have built ‘relationships’ between each other based on judgment, and how we have come to collectively accept these judgments within and as the ‘mind’ to be ‘real’/’truth’ – has essentially been living a complete ‘lie’/’illusion’, losing all touch with what is in fact actually real as the pure, simple, physical laws/constructs — and thus have placed itself in a constant uncertainty/doubt/search with regards to ‘who we are’ and ‘what is real’ as the ‘judgments’ that we’ve used to define reality and ourselves do not stand stable like the physical reality, as they constantly change dependent on the ‘eye/mind of the beholder’.

    Thus, the only way to know/see what is in fact ‘real’/’truth’ is to stop trusting the mind and to investigate what is physically here in and as this world.

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Capture wadata project By her majesty Omada Adah, The Little Miss Benue 2012

It used to be the most beautiful place in makurdi, everyone actually wanted to live there. It used to be what judges quarters is today but now it has turned to be the opposite of what it used to be…

A slum is what strikes 90% of Benue people when the name is mentioned…

WADATA!!! Where is your glory???

Of course, just like every other human habitat children are all over the streets of wadata…they are different in their own way, they are the kind BBC would love to capture and air on international TV just to create a false picture of Africa they term true (don’t we have Ajebota’s here???), they are the kind the whites call “african children”.

Are they left out??? Do they believe in the concept of dreams??? What are their limitations???

majority of cult clashes happen there amongst their youths, a recent study shows that youth cultism is pure brain child of ignorance, low self esteem and poverty…

The Little Miss Benue, Her Majesty Omada Adah will pay a visit to 3 streets in wadata and package 3 street parties for them, talk to this kids and of cause present love gifts to them…

She will be in the company of her mother queen Her majesty Ruth Agbo, the Miss Benue 2012 and a host of other Benue queens

Her visit to this area is proudly powered by the Clean Caleb Concepts

And fully supported by the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) makurdi, Radio Benue makurdi, Harvest FM makurdi, Lush Events and Princess yorghut…

Date: 14th February 2013…

Kindly call: 08067770800, 08154080531 or 08164139246 for more details and to be part of this love show

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Weird Words by Mumuni Babatunde

As individuals and as a nation, we are tending towards a mindless horde, driven by self preservation and bowing at the altar of consumerism. It is so sad because without a mind, individual or collective, we cannot drive the development for which we all clamour

Flummox….I had a good laugh when I first stumbled upon this word. I must have laughed for about three minutes, even sharing the moment with a colleague. Of course I checked the meaning afterwards then it only made me laugh some more. I know the word now and its meaning but I doubt that I will ever use it in day to day conversation unless I am somehow possessed by the same devils that currently torment a certain member of the House of Reps.

Reminds me of another word I discovered a long time ago. I must have been in primary three or something and I was reading a copy of Ikebe Super….(surely you remember, if you read it back then that is…..and for those of us forming ‘buttey’, you have no idea what you missed) Anyways, I was reading ikebe super and some guy…(the guy with the ‘kangol’ or ‘taxi driver’ hat- whichever you choose….always smoking his pipe) was ‘swearing for’ somebody and said ‘may Amadioha solder your oblong head’. It wasn’t the ‘swear’ or the ‘solder’, it was oblong. In my seven or eight year old mind that word had about the same impact as flummox had on me recently. I laughed until I was scolded by my aunt for being an ‘alaseju’ (extremist) so you can picture just how long and how hard. May I add also that when I looked up the meaning of oblong, I was rather disappointed! Can’t say what I was expecting but it certainly was less funny afterwards.

Yesterday, I found another word. Not as funny as the other two but it had a more profound impact on me. It made me think, made me ask questions. I thought to share….perhaps it would make others think, make others ask questions….

The word is Zeitgeist. I’m sure the Honourable from Edo state will be proud of this one. I looked up the meaning and it read amongst other things: ‘general trend of thought or feeling characteristic of a particular period of time’. It made me ask, what is the Nigerian Zeitgeist? Is all our intellectual life going to die out with the past generations? What will happen when the Achebes, Soyinkas, Osundares and Olojedes of this world move on to glory. The political scene is yet to provide us with worthy successors to Zik, Awo and the rest. We have presidents who can’t express themselves (their wives are worse, I’m told), their spokesmen lost their tongues and the ministers couldn’t hold their own in a decent secondary school classroom(not that we even have those anymore) if their lives depended on it.

Its not just in politics, its in education, industry, religion and every facet of our lives. As individuals and as a nation. We are tending towards a mindless horde, driven by self preservation and bowing at the altar of consumerism. It is so sad because without a mind, individual or collective, we cannot drive the development for which we all clamour. There are a few bright spots…sitting here behind my monitor, a few names come to mind. Of course rather than follow suit and develop our own minds, we all rush to be associated with them (many thanks to social media for enabling this nauseating version of pseudo-intellectualism…..Ooops! Retweet the tweet of a sharp guy to become sharp!)

We are now a land of Nags. It now seems as though the the only time we see Nigerians employing their ‘No 6′ is when complaining or our new favourite national past-time….Government bashing (We’ve gotten pretty good at it….considering that we are getting very little results). You see, its good….hold the criminals, sorry government accountable. However, once it comes to proposing solutions….all our rhetoric fall short. How so? After all people are so eloquent in suggesting to the government what to do. It is so because, in our daily lives and our microcosms we still fail to live out those ideals we so vehemently champion in public discourse. This is what makes our arguments hollow.

Hence, here is my two kobo: Every revolution that will stand the test of time must be based on reason and not emotions (ask the Egyptians). Every revolution that will be successful starts with the individual and then spreads to the collective, not the other way round. Every revolution that will have impact must be sincere. It starts with you and me….Not on the streets, not on TV or on Twitter but in our hearts, our heads and our homes.

Revolutionize your thoughts, revolutionize your mind, your business, your relationships….In time, you will get to your nation and eventually….your world.

So I ask, what is your zeitgeist?

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Football Fact or Fiction? India 99-Nigeria 1

While i anticipate the Nigeria-ethiopia match later today, I recalled a particular story we were told when we were young about the Nigeria-India match where India won Nigeria with 99goals to 1 and we all laughed it off, and said it was a lie; so i decided to type on google and I couldn’t stop laughing when I came across this story on this blog:

Well, how real is this though? I’ll leave you all to decide …enjoy!

I’ll paste it here for those who are too lazy to follow the link (winks)

March 18th, 2012 by King kObOkO

Many have heard about this match. Some think it’s an urban legend. Some think it’s only a joke. But only few know the truth.

A long time ago, few months after the end of the Nigeria-Biafra war, the Military Governor of Lagos decided to stage an exhibition match at the then glorious National Stadium Lagos. He thought it would be a special way of celebrating Nigeria’s victory in the war, a way of helping Lagosians to forget the sad bloody years that had just passed. He wanted to stage the match between Nigeria & Ghana but was advised against it. His advisers reminded him how Ghana trashed Nigeria 3-Nil at the 1960 Independence Match, that another loss to Ghana might defeat the purpose of the exhibition match. His advisers suggested that they choose a team that would be very easy to beat.

Brig Gen Mobolaji Johnson agreed. Ethiopia was considered. Zimbabwe was considered. India was considered. USA was considered. And India was chosen. He & his advisers believed that India would be a walkover. But had he known what would happen he might have chosen Brazil. Yes, Brazil were the reigning world champions at the time but… Oh, had he known.

India agreed to play the exhibition match with Nigeria. In fact, they were overjoyed. Nigeria was one of the best teams in Africa. And they had never played with an African team before. What more! They were most overjoyed that Nigeria had agreed to their three special conditions. What were these conditions?

Well, on that fateful day, a bright Saturday afternoon on August 15th, 1970, the National Stadium Lagos was filled with excited spectators. That was Condition No. 1, that the match be played on India’s Independence Day. As the players of Nigeria & India came into the pitch, spectators screamed with more excitement as they saw that all the twenty-two players were barefooted. That was Condition No. 2. (Remember that India had withdrawn from the 1950 World Cup because they weren’t allowed to play barefooted.)

Priiii… Referee Mohamed Touati blew his whistle to begin the game. (The Tunisian referee had been suspended by FIFA earlier that year but had accepted to officiate this special match.) Indian forward Amer Al-Amer made the first pass. And before anyone could say “Bosnia-Herzegovina”, one Majed Suleman fired the ball high into the air towards the Nigerian post. The gaint of a Nigerian keeper, Emmanuel Okala, dived to the right while the ball dropped into the left side of the net. Gooooaaal!!! 3-0. That was Condition No. 3, that each goal scored by India would be counted as 3points while each by Nigeria would be 1 as usual. (Nigeria agreed because they believed that India could never score. Or at least couldn’t score more than one goal.) Emmanuel was looking confused. He was very sure he had dived towards the ball. Every other person thought he’d deliberately let the Indians score just to spice up the game. Meanwhile, India’s fan club was going wild with jubilation.

Priii… The Nigerian forwards Sunday Atuma & Thompson Usiyen passed. As Thompson passed to Paul Hamilton, he was surprised when he saw India’s Faisal Al-Dakheel with the ball. Faisal quickly shot the ball into the air towards Nigeria’s post. Goooal! 6-0. Thompson was so confused. He could have sworn it was Paul his teammate he had passed to.

Priii… Sunday Atuma passed into the Nigerian half. Alloysius Atuegbu passed to Haruna Ilerika. Haruna made a long pass into the Indian half to Samuel Okoye. He was shocked when he saw the ball in the legs of Abdullah Al-Shemmari. Haruna wiped his eyes in disbelief. Too late! Abdullah shot the ball into the air. Goal! 9-0. Three goals in barely six minutes? Nigerian spectators were wondering what was happening.

Priii… Goal! 12-0. Yusuf Al-Suwayed. 15-0. Amer Al-Amer. 18-0. Majed Suleman’s second goal. 21-0. Abdulaziz Al-Buloushi. 24-0. Majed’s hat-trick. 27-0. Faisal Al-Dakheel’s second goal. 30-0. Waleed Al-Mubarak. At the twentieth minute, Nigeria’s Paul Hamilton ran with the ball all the way to India’s box-18. But as he raised his leg to shoot, he slipped & fell. India’s defender Mahboub Jumaa easily took the ball as Paul lay on the ground moaning like a baby. That was the nearest Nigeria had gotten to the Indian post so far.

Twenty-five minutes later & eight goals more, the score stood at 54-0. Some spectators angrily left the stadium even before the half-time whistle. Others waited patiently, hoping that Nigeria would revenge in the 2nd half.

“Boys, what the hell is happening out there?!” Coach Jorge Penna was furious. “You’re the damn captain, answer me!!” he was shouting at Emmanuel Okala.

Emmanuel was speechless. He didn’t know what to say.

“Co-co-coach…” Godwin Achebe began “I think I know what’s happening sir”

The coach was glaring at him now.
“Those Indians dey use juju. They’re using ma-magic.”

“Yes! Yes!” his teammates echoed & nodded & murmured amongst themselves.

“Shut up you fools!! Magic my foot!!! There is no magic in football!”

This is where the writer stops; probably for us to decide if it’s true or not.

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Revelation 3:12

Facts about #DoomsDay!!

Q1. What’s is #DoomsDay??

ANS: It is d title of the forth coming Eye Six One MIXTAPE

Q2. Who is Eye Six One??

ANS: Runners up Malta Guinness street Dance Enugu Regionals 2009, Winners peak talent show abuja regionals 2009, Winners Malta Guiness street Dance Abuja Regionals 2010, winners Peak talent show abuja/makurdi Regionals 2011

Its a Team of Musicians/Dance per4mers consisting of Very Elegant Young men and a Lady (to b unveiled soon)

Q3. Why d name #DoomsDay??

ANS: why not d name #DoomsDay??… Hehe, well, truth be told, d mixtape intro track will say it all

Q4. Why release on 12:12:12

ANS: any wise and smart human wuld c d uniqueness in dat date and what better release date for a unique MIXTAPE than such a unique date

Q5. Tell us what to expect from the MIXTAPE

ANS: Its a 12 Track mixtape that has features from many of top rising superstars in the industry, it has track titles such as “Hustle for d Paper” which is 100percent dope Rap street Flow and Go Down Low which is something to rock the Clubs.

Q6. Tell ur Fans something u want them to know

ANS: If u do not download this mixtape, Mode9 is frying Kunu on your Eye Shadow, and if u do not spread the gist of d mixtape, Boko haram is boiling Okpa on ur Large intestine…. Huh?? WTF??!!


The 1st release party in Makurdi, the Benue State capitial is scheduled for the evening of 12:12:12 and is happening @ the Symbols Cuisine and bar is d release venue for this much awaited MIXTAPE and is goin to b graced with Not just distinguished state personalities but a handfull of Internet Bloggers, Club DJ’s, Radio and TV houses as well as Newspapers and Magazines

The Release party would also feature performances from the best of Artist in the music Industry from within and outside the state

Ff @eye_six_one @vinciquest and @vinci_i61 to catch the #DoomsDay buzz!!…..Legoo!!

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So everything is starting to get scary…. D combination of numbers that run the earth is starting to coincide…….

“1” and “2” is getting ready to repeat itself a record 3 (three) times…


Its twelve : twelve : twelve
… Dats like (one, two) in three places

Eye six one is about to unleash a terror like non other……


Its coming… Its coming…

12-12-12 is #doomsday and eye six one is up to something!!!!

Watch out for d unveiling of this premeditated terror!!!

Ff on twitter @eye_six_one

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Achebe Distorting History

It is unclear why Chinua Achebe smeared late Awolowo in his new book-There was a country. People that are well respected worldwide in literature, art or any endeavor at all should need always to be careful when they go to the print.

Tribal sentiments and even emotional sentiments should not be allowed to overtake vivid reasoning.

Unfortunately Achebe did not realize this and it is shameful that despite his age and exposure to historical facts he decided to write the role of Awolowo during the Nigerian civil war. What Achebe wrote about Awolowo are pure lies and historical jargons.

There are so many books out there that have explained the role of late Ojukwu in both the war and the consequent genocide suffered by the people of Eastern Nigeria during the civil war. It is therefore needless for me to repeat or recant the things or issues that are known as facts and truths.

Those who are not sure should seek knowledge. What Achebe has done is to fan the tribal conflicts in the minds of people-both Easterners and westerners-which is diabolic in itself.

It brings to fore that one of the most important things in life, viewed consciously or unconsciously, is the protection of one’s race. Achebe’s book which I will definitely not read strengthens the call for Nigerians to return to their tent and mind their own business and destiny.

No matter how long it lasts, people of different races in Nigeria will continue to pretend that they love one another superficially while harboring contempt, hatred, malice and un-forgiveness in their hearts and souls.

It is a tragedy to live a life that you didn’t choose and to pretend that it was okay. It must have been painful and hurtful for Achebe that he and his people were denied of their country-Biafra. Living with that lose for several years took its toll and the book must be a piece of the iceberg of the inner sufferings.

However laying the blame at the feet of Awolowo was an irresponsible act.

The pseudo-existence of a country like Nigeria remains a recipe for racial discrimination, tribalism and severe underdevelopment. Only the captors of Nigeria and few people benefit from Nigeria. The rest are-in the words of late Fela Kuti-suffering and smiling.

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“EYE SIX ONE” wild out wednesday #WOW

This is a heavy movement sparking up from makurdi the Benue state capital, every mid week (wednesday)… Its crazy plus wild

last week featured the freshest and finest Benue artists in freestyle battles, artist showdown and guest performances. We had ‘Microphone’ and ‘Dante battle out on the freestyle session, with Dante winning the freestyle battle
On the artist showdown we had Drizzy, Loops and snazzy Lakadiss lakadat battle for the artists of the week with snazzy lakadiss defending his title as the artist of the week for the third time
We also had our guest performances from freshest artist including, Cupastonce, Roy-p Ojeka and 3ish of NFOB global entertainment and finally OD Woods (Mr Go below) of film boys productions.
Keep a date with EYE SIX ONE wild out wednesday this week as we have a crazier package this week. Its #WOW baibee.

Come back early tomorrow and be told what to expect by evening… Leggo


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Romney Flip-Flops on Axing FEMA as Hurricane Sandy Nears

Romney Denies He’d Abolish ‘Immoral’ FEMA
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney denied Monday that he would shut down the Federal Emergency Management Agency, despite reports to the contrary Monday morning.
Video from a 2011 Republican presidential primary debate appears to feature Romney saying he would eliminate the agency and return FEMA’s responsibilities to the states or to private companies, reported The Huffington Post.
Editor’s Notes:
Special: One Deck of Cards Has Shown to Improve Memory
Pentagon Adviser: Attack on Our Financial Markets Imminent
Campaign officials told Politico that Romney would not shut down FEMA, but leave the responsibility of handling emergency response to the states.
“Gov. Romney believes that states should be in charge of emergency management in responding to storms and other natural disasters in their jurisdictions,” Romney spokesman Ryan Williams said in a statement. “As the first responders, states are in the best position to aid affected individuals and communities, and to direct resources and assistance to where they are needed most. This includes help from the federal government and FEMA.”
In the 2011 debate clip from CNN that Huffington Post included with its story, Romney responds to moderator John King’s question about how to handle FEMA, which at the time was thought to be running out of money while dealing with several national emergencies.
“Every time you have an occasion to take something from the federal government and send it back to the states, that’s the right direction,” Romney said in the debate. “And if you can go even further and send it back to the private sector, that’s even better. Instead of thinking, in the federal budget, what we should cut, we should ask the opposite question, what should we keep?”
When King asked if that included disaster relief, Romney replied that the nation “cannot afford to do those things without jeopardizing the future for our kids,” and that deficit spending “is simply immoral.”

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Be warned

What the hell!!!!! what is wrong with the young girls in Nigeria today…. All these aristo girls that do big men and they don’t know how their money is being made.. This is what happens… I Heard that she had sex with a dude and he is so into rituals and evildeeds… She was found the next morning this way… hahhahhahhahha all these Aristo babes wey wan be “bigz kgalz” in town… una go hear am! RUNZ GIRLS I hope you can see this ohh!Hear, See, and Say it

Shey na Big old men una like, continue you hear??? U might be next…LoL

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The new Nigeria I expect

The National Assembly is tinkering with the 1999 Constitution to see if they can create a new Nigeria. On Thursday, September 6, 2012, the President Goodluck Jonathan gathered members of Civil Societies Organization in Abuja for a seminar to seek their input into the emerging sacred national code. A number of issues were discussed and a communiqué was issued.

But it appears to me that in all these, the fundamental issues seem to have remained untouched, and I do not think Nigeria can make any meaningful progress without dealing with them. Some of them I would discuss below:
The name Nigeria

We know that the name Nigeria was given because Lord Lugard could not find any name for the country he wanted to form. In the course of the confusion in his mind, his ‘concubine’ suggested that the country be called ‘Niger area’ (the areas around the River Niger). Now, we also know that River Niger flows from Senegal: is that country part of the Niger area? If it is not, then where does the Niger area start and end? So, our first step in building a nation must start from considering a name that the country should bear.

Who is a Nigerian?
All those who claim to be Nigerians know in their hearts that they do not believe in the country. Otherwise, why must they steal the wealth of the country ‘they believe in’ and stack them away in other countries? Why must their children go to school in other countries? Why must they visit hospitals in other countries? Why should they prefer other countries’ currency to theirs? Please, who is a Nigerian? In those days it was said: North for the North, East for the East, West for the West, and Nigeria for all. It was equally said that Nigeria was a mere geographical expression.
Someone may say that was in the 1960s. But has the tribal psyche left us? It was the comedian, Uche Ogbuagu, who first asked the question: who is a Nigerian? You hear of a Yoruba man, an Hausa man or an Igbo man, but you do not hear people proudly saying, ‘I am a Nigerian.’ Apart from Herbert Macaulay and Nnamdi Azikiwe, all the others who fought for independence apparently did so from their tribal points of view, and we have continued to see ourselves from that perspective.
Freedom and equal opportunity

Listen to lyrics of the first national anthem: (1) Nigeria we hail thee / Our own dear native land / Though tribes and tongues may differ / In brotherhood we stand / Nigerians all are proud to serve / Our sovereign motherland. (2) Oh God off all creation / Grant this our one request / Help us to build a nation / Where no one is oppressed / And so with peace and plenty / Nigeria may be blessed.

Good anthem! Lofty ideas! But how far did it go? If we want to build a nation where no one is oppressed, then this pretence must stop. We must all change our mindset and begin to build a nation of equal people with equal opportunity, no matter where they come from. Does a situation where you cannot be promoted beyond a certain level in the civil service of a state because you are not an indigene help in building the nation of our dream? What type of nation are you building when you cannot be regarded as a citizen of a place, though you were born and bred in that place, and you do not know any other place of abode in your life? If the United States of America were to be Nigeria, certainly Barack Obama would never have become the president.


When Lord Lugard amalgamated the two separate protectorates (North and South) he created, he did not ask for the opinion of the people. He lumped together the various peoples he met into three regions. None of these regions knew true peace until the collapse of the First Republic. This was mainly because of the heterogeneous nature of the people in each of the regions (except the West). This situation was made more difficult by Ironsi through the decree 34 of 1967 that brought a unitary state.  But since 1967, the ‘country’ has been run on that basis irrespective of the creation of states that cannot stand on their feet.
While trying to adopt a national outlook, the current six geopolitical zones should be recognized by the new constitution as federating units, with the citizens allowed to make a choice of where to live, and be regarded as national citizens instead being seen from the tribal microscope.

Type of government
The conference I mentioned earlier adopted the presidential type of government with a bicameral legislature, the type we have now. The truth is that presidential system gives much more room for looting because those in government have too much power and resources to themselves. Our experience from 1979 shows that once elected, politicians become too powerful and power drunk, and so alienate themselves from the electorates who lack the power to impeach or recall them. Because there is no collective parliamentary responsibility, the president or governor cannot account to the people. All he can do is to reshuffle his cabinet when he faces serious criticism. But if the president/governor knows he can be sacked because of the failures of his ministers/commissioners or when he takes the wrong decision, his attitude will change. The new country we want to build should have a unicameral parliamentary government both at the national and state levels.

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Benue Got talent

All is now set for the second edition of Benue got talent (the season 2)

This event is slated for FRIDAY 14TH SEPT 2012 at the ROYAL CHOICE INN hotels MKD. The EXCEPTIONAL RED CARPET will be open at exaxtly 6PM with host TKSWAG & FASSY. The outstanding DJ. TONY will be on the wheels

The event will be anchored by outstanding comedian ‘D PRINCE’ & radio host CALEB SENDA.

Line up of artiste to perform at the event include

All performing artiste are to arrive makurdi the Benue state capital on or before thursday 13th September 2012.

Tickets are available @ CHEF ROYALE, METRO PRIME Hotels & ROYAL CHOICE INN hotels MAKURDI…
Call 08065763542 or ping 32FEB818





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A Few Truths about Life Will Blow Your Mind

If the earth wasn’t exactly where it is, exactly the size that is and its atmosphere just the way it is, then we wouldn’t be here at all. They call that the Goldilocks zone, because the earth is just right for life to exist. That’s just one amazing fact about life that we take for granted and here are ten more for you to ponder on:
Think about all the amazing co-incidences that lead you to being born. What if your mum hadn’t gone to that party where she met your dad? What if your Grandfather’s watch had stopped, so he never made that first date with your grandmother? What if? What if? Add up all those, what if’s, and it’s pretty amazing that you are here at all!
You are made from stardust 90% of what makes up a human being is made from stardust. This is because only Helium and Hydrogen exist in the universe on their own and everything else, 90% of all the matter in the universe, is created in stars.
We are probably not alone Even though the chances of a planet being in the so called Goldilocks zone and being able to support life are pretty slim, there are up to 50 billion planets in our galaxy alone. Even if only 1% of those planets were in the Goldilocks zone, then there could well be life on 500 million other planets.
You are electric When you are thinking, your brain produces electric impulses. When you are awake, your brain produces enough of this electricity to power a small light bulb.
You are only three friends away from everyone else in the world It used to be said that there were only six degrees of separation between you and everybody else in the world. In other words: you know somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody else, up to six times and you would find that you are remotely acquainted with the President of the United States, for example. Facebook and other social networking sites have changed all that and statisticians now calculate that you are only 3.7 acquaintances away from everybody else.
You are not who you used to be Your body is constantly regenerating and in just 11 months 98% of the atoms that make up your body will be replaced by new ones. A new you every year!
You have to walk the entire length of a football field to burn off one single M&M Just eat one of those tiny little candy M&M treats and you will need to walk the full length of football field to burn off the calories.
Kissing is healthier than shaking someone’s hand When you say, I won’t kiss you I’ve got a cold; you’re doing people no favors at all, because more bacteria are passed in a hand shake, than are in a peck on the cheek.
You are breathing millionaire! You probably already know that you breathe a lot, but did you know that the approximate number of your breaths is over 5 million a year?
Smiling is easier than frowning The act of smiling involves about 17 facial muscles, while frowning involves over 40. This means that smiling is a lot easier, than frowning. Smiling has also been proven to instantly improve your mood. So, smile more, smile often!

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Now That The DSS Has Droped Charges Against IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu, What Next?

The magistrate court sitting in Wuse zone 2, Abuja on Wednesday discharged Nnamdi Kanu, director of Radio Biafra and leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), on all counts of criminal conspiracy and ownership of an unlawful society brought against him by the federal government. The question on the lips of many at the moment is what is next? This is obviously because the protests are still on going and will Mr. Kanu continue in his previous tracks?
The government through its agent, the Department of State Services (DSS), has elected to withdraw the case at the lower court for a higher court, which has jurisdiction to entertain charges bordering on terrorism, to take over. Usman was scheduled to deliver judgment on the application of the DSS on December 1, but he put it off until December 16.
The DSS has held Kanu for at least 90 days despite an order of the magistrate court granting him bail in October.
After the lower court granted him bail, the secret police got an order of the federal high court, Abuja, to keep the leader of IPOB in detention.
But his lawyer, Vincent Obetta, filed a counter application, seeking bail for the accused person. Adeniyi Ademola, justice of the federal high court, Abuja, is expected to rule on the bail application on Thursday.
A wave of protests, engineered by IPOB, had swept through the southeast a few days ago owing to the continued detention of Kanu.
Let us all hope, this aggression is put to an end

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#Ebola Salt and hot water therapy is a joke

It’s not salt and hot water, really. The real #ebola cure is to bath with Pepper and Ginger in hot boiling-point water. Annoying people!

I like the Nigerian spirit, it’s a spirit of Joy with no boundaries, nothing stops our fun ride but I always say we take serious things for a ride sometimes.

The Nigerian minister of health yesterday came out of national tv to say “The people spreading the salt bath rumour have to be arrested and prosecuted” lol!!! I laughed and asked my friend if he was the new IG of police.


The girl who started the rumor poste. An apology, I thought it wise to copy her post and share it (I didn’t edit her mistakes), read her post below… I also munched some of her responses to questions on Nairaland, the questions alone suggest how much Nigerian’s love rumors .

Read her post!!!

“My name is Adesewa, I am coming out clean because what started has a joke has escalated into the unprecedented.

How it started

Yesterday i was with friend in her hostel, we were talking about this Ebola out break, when one of my friends, Funke (she introduced me to nairaland) brought the idea of Us playing a prank on our friends. The first suggestion was to tell people that aloe very could cure Ebola, but we thought it would sound too ridiculous so we forgot about it.

Later that even an idea came to me (i now regret that i did it).
I decided to send a BBM broadcast message to my friends, telling them that the Ministry of Health has asked everyone to bathe with salt and warm water and drink some of it.
I sent the message 7:08pm yesterday

Later this midnight i started getting calls and messages that i should drink salt water and bath with it.

All efforts to tell people that i was the one who started the joke failed. Only my friends who i mentioned earlier believed me. Even my mum could me this morning, i did not know what to tell her.

I am using this medium to beg you all to warn and tell everyone, before they drink salt and damage their health.

Please dont be hash on me. I know this has gone out of hand. I never knew it will be this serious. Some have even added to the original message i sent”.

According to her, She’s a student of Federal University of Technology, Akure. .See her reply to a post directed to her on nairaland below..


Permit me to treat you to a few Ebola statements I birthed from this trend, kindly leave a comment

* If nobody called or sent u a text today telling u to bath with salt and hot water then nobody loves u

* You Should drop out of School already if u also used Hot Water and Salt to bath wit d Idea of Preventin Ebola

* Hot water and salt for Ebola? Oh Dettol, where art thou?

* The person that started this Salt and Hot water rumour just gave Nollywood a good story line.

* I Asked a friend if he used hot water and salt for bath this morning. Says he didn’t bath



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APC is worse at being an opposition party than PDP is at being a ruling party. Discuss (100 marks).

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Clean Jeans Carnival

The Clean Jeans carnival is an all inclusive day out for families offering a host of amusements and attractions. Carnival rides for all ages, Roving Entertainment, performances, face painting, scavenger hunts and more Fun activities for all ages .

Attendees are required to wear jeans (it must be clean) to gain entry and access all that is on offer. An information booth will be on site to provide assistance to patrons if/when required. An annotated map of the showgrounds outlining important event details will be provided to attendees. The village opens just for one day at Macafa parks n garden on the 18th of April 2014. The Clean Jeans carnival will be an environment filled with games that will happen simultaneously while music is playing. games for children will cost just 20naira while games for adults may range from 50-100naira only.

Here’s the plan, all kiddies games at the carnival will be played by 5 persons who must pay the game fee of about 20naira, the winner of each game wins 80naira. Note; all games at the carnival are happening at the same time. Before the carnival is declared open, everybody at the carnival will gather at the music stand where all games will be explained for people to understand before dispersing into the arena.

Games we have planned to include at the carnival include Fill in the basket, Sack Race, Treasure hunt, Eggs and spoons, Play station 3, Table Tennis, Snooker, coin in the tray, pop corn race, Fill in The bottles, Ring the bottles, Blind hit, back ball to mention a few… Don’t miss this gig o

A Raffle draw will be conducted twice, DVD players and other technological devices will be won through the raffle draw. Pop corn, Ice cream and chilled drinks will be up for sale at the venue of the carnival. The carnival closes by 6pm…


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